Thursday, January 28, 2010


I've been in our house for 15 days now and we have 15 days until W-Day. With the move and the wedding, I'm not working right now though I do have the first step toward a job here on Saturday. Right now I'm spending my days painting, cleaning, unpacking and doing lots of little errands. And, with some of the time, trying to figure out what in the world comes next?

So long I've defined myself by being 'single' that I'm not quite sure how to define myself in a 'duo'; of course, you'll be hard pressed to meet anyone as loony about self-reflection and definition as yours truly. I really do love being home to make meals and take care of things that need tending while Mike is at work. But I also find myself often pausing to look around and think, "Does this lifestyle make me a 'Real Housewife of Ogden'?"

I'm sure I'll get my feet under me soon. I couldn't be more pleased to be finding myself with Mike every night. He's so fun and I'm so content with him. I think I just have to figure out how to 'be' in the rest of my time.