Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Gentleman's Cupcake

Today was a day full of sisters. Rina and I spent the morning relaxing at Saundies when we were sure the trip was actually extended into Monday. When Saundra ventured home from Church we went out to lunch, ran into an excellent family friend, went to a bakery, bought some cupcakes to share and headed to Beth's (and Bud's) place.

After some chill out time Beth decided it was time to learn Canasta The Granger Way. So we did. And sometime in the already hilarious and...well, sisterly (we'll leave it at that, for the dignity of the women involved) conversation we decided to break into the cupcakes. We tried Lavendar, Cayenne and then this one the bakery called 'The Gentleman's Cupcake.' No lie. I'm just going to say what my Grandma said, "Wow, I hope that was commercially made."

We laughed so hard I thought we may, in fact, pass out. But we all survived and have now achieved something similar to one or two thousand crunches.

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