Saturday, May 1, 2010

Random Fiesta Pictures and an Infomercial.

Now, for infomercial! This is Clancy:

His is our foster dog (an Irish Setter, if you're not able to tell by the picture) and he's in need of a home. He's excellent with other dogs, cats and (from everything I've seen) kids. He loves, loves, loves his people. He's easy to groom and one of the most easy-going dogs I've ever been around. His formal home is with Four Paws Rescue here in Utah but he's available for adoption anywhere in the US. If you know anyone who'd be interested, please have them email me. Thanks!!

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  1. That is a beautiful dog. I have a story that explains my next statement but I'll just say, we can get a dog when Jeff's parent's/brother's dog dies. Which will probably be in a few years. So, on a related note: Do you know of a good family dog that doesn't shed (a lot) I guess any dog wouldn't if groomed right. But maybe there are some that shed less. Good luck finding a good owner.