Friday, August 27, 2010

Some stuff

Sometimes, after great storm, the sky outside the back of our house is unequaled.

I love it. I have to admit that some of my thoughts, very oddly, are trending to excitement for fall. The cool evenings and morning sharing breakfast outside are some of my favorite times.

We have a new addition to our family--at least until she decides to find a new home. Her name is FatBetty. She's fantastic and we have an excellent lead on a new home so she may be gone by next week. But she's been here a month and we've loved having her. She may be our last foster of this year. I'm sure I haven't shared but we had to put our lovely, family dog Duke to sleep last week. It's taken more of a toll than I anticipated. But on to happier are the two resident dogs. FatBetty is on the right. On the left?

That's Mandy. She's our hospice care pug. She's 7, has very small lungs and she'll be with us until she decides to depart this life. So maybe as long as another 13 years!

That's most of the news from here. We're quiet. I like it. Bring on fall.


  1. Really sorry to hear about Duke. He was a great dog.

  2. Thanks, Joy. He was! But I chuckle to myself that his hair in this house will FAR outlive him.