Sunday, November 28, 2010

All quiet on this western front

The last of the family left this morning. It's always a bittersweet time for me. In many ways I'm ready to have the 'alone' time I adore so much. And have my kitchen in just the way I left it. But on the other, much weightier, hand I miss them terribly when they go. There is so much personality and opinion in my family. We're always offering our view of the world to each other, trying to help and inform. We're a productive bunch, prone to be a touch too intense. We love fiercely and intensely and it shows. I miss that when it's absent and in the first few days after such togetherness, it's very noticeably absent.

I think that I did far better this year than I usually do at maintaining the calm I wanted. I did have moments of sliding back into my control freak ways but the house is messy, there is laundry and I still managed to relax and have some fun. Next year we're doing Christmas with my side of the family. I think that if I get the chance to host I'll be even better at this calm and loving thing!

Pictures of food to come.

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