Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Crafty. Crap?

I'm sitting here with a pile of ideas for gifts to my left. They're projects that have been in the works--some of them--for years but I've never 'had' the time to finish them. Somehow this Christmas seems the right time. I keep thinking that the things sewn and crafted (in the literal sense) with love are usually the most appreciated, even if The Olympic Committee says they'll be eschewed.

Today, much to my chagrin, will start with a trip to the fabric store to find the rest of the things I need. The sewing machine will find a home on a table directly between the television and the couch and I'll finally be able to finish my Netflix queue.

Want to know a secret? I think the Utahans are converting me because I'm something bordering on excited about the whole thing.


  1. Ha! You're being assimilated into the borg. Before you know it you'll be canning and making freezer jam (not that I'm planning on making jam this week or anything.) :D

  2. Love it! And Gwen's borg comment just made me giggle ... a lot.