Monday, October 24, 2011


Mike has been gone for just over a week now and it's official--I'm not cut out to be a military wife. I'm sure happy that's not a decision I made!

The office, the most dense of our spaces, is nearly done being cleared out. The books, seven boxes in that room alone, have been packed and all the pictures taken down and wrapped, tucked into their totes for safe transport. I still have some final bits to sort out but at least the room is ready to show now.

Today I start clearing out the garage to make room for the stacks of boxes. This is my least favorite part. I can start to see the transfer from living to that terrible transition time in between. On the up side, I am going to indulge and not pack a single Christmas decoration. They're all going to be on full display for the whole season and then, at the last available moment, will be tucked into totes on which the pugs will sleep while we make the final trip to SAT.

In my wildest dreams I never dreamed I'd be sad about leaving Utah, about leaving this ward. It's a haven for me. Sunday these crazy/delightful twins, Daisy and Azela, sat next to me in church and were wonderful and wiggly. I doubt there are another pair like them in the whole world. Part of me would like to stay here forever and just watch them grow.

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  1. I've been trying to figure out the title of your post. I've decided it's a typo - and you meant purging. No?
    p.s. change stinks/rocks - a pair as inseparable and crazy/delightful as your little twins. hang in there.