Saturday, December 31, 2011

And then we moved to Texas.

Today we finished the last of our three day drive to San Antonio. The pugs and cat traveled well, which was a blessing indeed. We went out of Utah quietly and did so intentionally--both Mike and I hate goodbyes. It's probably not the best model for leaving a place we loved but it worked pretty well.

Christmas this year was hosted at our house and was a great success! To have such a loud, opinionated, loving family is wonderful. Also, on December 26th they started packing and our house never would have been ready without their hard work. It's tough to even find the words to thank them.

And now just days later we're here with my in-laws ringing in 2012 and getting ready for the new house. We finish the paperwork on Tuesday and I'm anxious to get inside, get some painting down and settle down to see what life will be like here. I can't help thinking we'll be in Texas longer than we were in Utah but I know it's not our 'forever' home.

What a year! I'll be sad to see it go but I'm excited for the new one!

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  1. happy new year.
    stay long in enough in texas so my daughter and I can come and visit. please