Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Kitchen, continued.

I'm almost embarrassed that the next photo shows my very 'little girly' kitchen motif. I haven't bothered to change it because I'm still amused by the containers I bought when I was 22. So, I'll just live with the mockery of my pastel insects.

The picture is really of the shamrock. Long ago in a land called Montana, my Mom had a friend give her a shamrock and, to all our awe, it lived! And does to this day. It sits beside her sink in Virginia. Somewhere along the line my sisters and I got some too. And, of course, they sit beside our sinks.

Speaking of sitting, these two have taken to doing this together every time the door is open. Yes, the cat does outweigh the dog by about fifteen pounds.

1 comment:

  1. I actually like that liquid soap dispenser. I think its cute. It has lady bugs to remind you of your Mom, bees to remind you of me and dragon flys to remind you of Sarah. Now does it seem girly or sentimental? HA!