Friday, October 8, 2010

Self plus tech

Today I spend nearly all day shooting a wedding at the Salt Lake Temple. It was the first time I've been down there as a photographer getting paid and it was an interesting experience. The wedding was nice and after the luncheon we had a break. I walked across the square and sat for a bit talking to Amber on the phone. While we were talking I snapped this picture. Typically I hate self-portraits or even pictures of me. I'm going to change that, a weekly posted snap at a time.

As we were talking Amber mentioned that she didn't have a picture of the chapel where she attended church for nearly two years. I offered to snap a photo for her. It's not revolutionary but it is a token of my love.

And, just for fun and the people who may not have a clear visual of where I was today, here's a shot!

1 comment:

  1. I love you too! Thank you for thinking of me. All the photos you included in this post are wonderful. I wonder where we were in the conversation when you snapped the self-portrait which is really good also. You look so stylish. I love your hair now and the sunglasses are awesome. Thank you again for calling me when you were on the Square. That means a lot and I know I need to visit myself again soon. Love you!