Wednesday, August 3, 2011


After last October in Colorado, I became aware of all these fantastic instructors who lead artistic and self-discovery courses both online and in person. My new favorites, because I know the two beautiful ladies who started it, is Live It The The Full. I enrolled in their very first course called Emerge and I'm loving it. It's a course combining writing, photography and other artistic self-expression.

The prompts there lead me to pick up my camera for the first time in several months. I don't think there is a time since I've had cameras where I've gone without photographing anything for several months. There was actually dust on my bag. That has never happened.

Earlier this year I was really devoted to the idea of turning my art into income for our family. I thought it would be a fantastic way to combine the passions. It wasn't. Something about monetizing my passion, putting a numeric value on it, killed a little part of my soul. It took some time to recover from that injury but I'm happy to say that I have.

Yesterday the familiar weight of the camera in my hand felt like it used to--a natural extension of my arm. I got a few good shots and even posted them on Flickr but I think my favorites from the day are these two. Hope you enjoy them as well!


  1. I love to see you posting frequently again! I'm glad you are picking up your camera and it is feeling right. I am so jealous that my michael is going to get to see you this weekend.

  2. yeah for picking up the camera!