Wednesday, August 31, 2011


We've had much discussion and uncertainty here lately. It's been nearly a full month of trying to feel out our future, of learning to talk and listen in a different, new way. It's been an interesting, trying, strengthening month and I would not do it over. But I'm glad it happened.

We thought we might move, now we're fairly certain we won't. I'm sad about that because we'd have been closer to family but I think, we think, it's the right decision.

We thought we may add some children to the household, now we're certain that we're not going to right this moment. We've found some middle ground that feels like it will be best for all involved.

In all that talking we've found a new path with a bit more certainty. Mike is unlikely to leave his current line of work until he has The Next Great and Amazing Idea. I'm unlikely to leave mine until we have so many children it becomes unlikely. Christmas plans--having the whole family here--are now certain and we're finally, finally, calming down.


  1. The times of discussion and deciding and finding middle ground are so hard .... But hopefully always worth it in the end. Been thinking of you. I'm glad some decisions were made and that you are both at peace with them. Always sending my love to you!

  2. ack. decision making. the brutal hard work of marriage. the give and take.

    can you believe it will be almost a year since we all hung out together.

    you will be happy to know that I am out searching for the perfect cows in the field with fog photo once again.