Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Darling Ramona!

I do love you. I could reply to your email but I figured I'd make an event of it and just blog!

Here are some new things:
I am working again as a dispatcher. I love it. I'm so much happier working!
Our garden is growing.
The sun has come back.
My brother has a broken femur from a smokejumping accident.
My Mom has (with very early detection and great percentages) thyroid cancer.
I'm starting yoga again.

The end of this winter was very difficult and it was longlonglong. I was so done with the gray skies that I was nearly unbearable to be around. Ask Michael, he'll tell you. Eventually the weather broke and I've started to come alive again. We have a garden in and it's thriving. We're taking part in a farm share. We're cooking. We're enjoying each other. We're falling behind on laundry and remodeling rooms.

It just feels like spring, despite the summer reality and the busy time of preperation for things to come.

I haven't picked up a camera in weeks. There was something about the foray into professional photography that really stifled my soul. I can't explain it. I don't yet understand it but I could feel it. So I stopped and the rest has been perfect. It's only been in the last forty-eight hours or so that I've even considered picking up my equipment and documenting this season. Perhaps in the coming days there will be pictures.

And that is where I am. Emerging, in the words of Amy.


  1. I was just thinking about you. And wondering where your blog had gone. Then poof, here you are again. I'm glad things are looking up again. Make it down to AZ much these days?

  2. shoot. I totally missed this. so great. and so great to see you at emerge. it is going to be good.